Writer of the Month: August

Writer of the Month: August

The first time I met Angela, she’d decided my sister had not answered her texts quickly enough, and so she’d come over, stormed the back gate, and arrived in the middle of dinner. Of course she was immediately invited to join, and Angela was all too happy to tuck in to Mom’s cooking. Within about thirty seconds she had the entire family in stitches, and within five minutes she was practically…

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My Life As A Nomad

My Life As A Nomad


I have been a nomadic digital freelancer for six months now.

First I’m going to bitch about it, then I’ll tell you how fun it is.

I left my rented space in Washington, D.C., in January 2014 and have not paid a rent payment since. (That’s been kind of nice.) But this life is not cheap or easy. People say, “Oh, lucky you, traveling all around!” And I won’t lie: There has been lots of awesomeness…

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4 Ways To Rock Your Mom’s Awesome ’80s Style

4 Ways To Rock Your Mom’s Awesome ’80s Style


My mom passed away when I was 14, the phase of my life when I needed beauty insight the most. But the beauty lessons she taught me while she was alive have somehow managed to remain relevant today, so how could she not be my style icon?!

My mom grew up in the ’80s and never left. That explains everything about her from the music she listens to to the clothes that fall her silhouette. Her style is…

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4 Cooking Oils You Always Need On Hand

4 Cooking Oils You Always Need On Hand

When I started cooking, I used olive oil for everything. I was familiar with it. I knew my mom used it. It was an easy choice to make. As I learned more about cooking and how to make food taste its best, it became apparent that there is not one all-purpose oil out there.

Cooking oils are all about their smoke-points. The hotter you can safely heat something before it starts smoking, the better it…

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Glam Up Your Makeup Bag: August Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Glam Up Your Makeup Bag: August Ipsy Glam Bag Review


This month is the third rendition of my monthly Glam Bag reviews. There are a lot of different beauty box subscriptions on the market, and I was inspired by Kristin’s monthly Birchbox reviews to offer a perspective on the Glam Bag for comparison for people trying to determine which makeup subscription might be right for them.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Glam Bag by Ipsy Beauty is a monthly…

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How I Cope With The Evil Voice In My Head

How I Cope With The Evil Voice In My Head

When I was in primary school, we had to watch a really cheesy video about bullying each year. In the video, a big bad bully would come out nowhere and tower over our hero, who would then put their hands firmly on their hips and declare, “Please stop that, I don’t like it”, and the problem was solved.

From Baby Bex’s perspective, anti-bullying training wasn’t really useful for anything other than…

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Dancing Like A White Girl

Dancing Like A White Girl

My most recent first date started with promise. We laughed, I beat him at pool, and what had started as grabbing drinks stretched on to us excitedly joining his friends at a bar downtown. But then Wiz Khalifa came on, and shit got real. His friends started laughing, dancing and flailing around in a way I could never even attempt. They tried to get me to join in, my date at one point bending over…

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What You Need to Know Before College Football Starts

What You Need to Know Before College Football Starts

Do you wish you knew more about college football? Then this post is for you. Starting next week, we will bring you a weekly roundup of the goings-on in the world of college football—the biggest upsets, the craziest antics, the funniest quotes, and anything else we think you ought to know. We’ve even included a roundup of last season at the end of this article to help get you started. (You’re…

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WWOOF: How I Summered In Ireland On The Cheap

Why You Need To #WWOOF

I was inspired to write this article after reading “Why Everyone Should WWOOF At Least Once in Their Lives” http://alexiawrites.com/

Not so very long ago, during the summer of 2011, I WWOOFed. No, this doesn’t have anything to do with dogs or barking or any other animal sounds (but then again, what does the fox say?). WWOOF, or World Wide Opportunities of Organic Farms, is an international…

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How A Skydiving Trip Changed My Life

How A Skydiving Trip Changed My Life

by Nina Lukow

I am not a daredevil. I am not an adrenaline junkie. In fact, I wouldn’t even call myself mildly athletic, seeing as the last time I played a sport was in eighth grade, when I ended my athletic career in tears from a volleyball hitting me in the face. I’ve generally been known to tuck away in a library and wander through labyrinths of shelves, or make a cup of tea and spend a lazy…

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Literally The Best Recipes With Peaches

Literally The Best Recipes With Peaches

When I was a kid, my mom’s stories about her aunt’s peach farm began as soon as the first peaches appeared in golden pyramids at the grocery store. For her, summer days on the farm brought peaches that required two hands, juice that streamed down your chin and left invisible sticky fingerprints on lawn chairs and car doors.

For many years, oral allergy syndrome prevented me from enjoying these…

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To All The Exes: A Letter To The People We’ve Left Behind

To All The Exes: A Letter To The People We’ve Left Behind

Breakups are self explanatory. In contrast, an “ex” can apply to any form of “-ship”—the most common being friendships and relationships. There are the friendships that turned sour; they no longer exist. Disagreements happened, problems reared their ugly head, and bridges were burned. There are the romantic relationships; for one reason or another, your “love” ended up not working out, and now…

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What do Audrey Hepburn, Bridgitte Bardot and Taylor Swift all have in common? They all mastered (and owned) the art of the perfect cat-eye.

Executing an impeccable cat eye is as essential to every woman as finding the perfect LBD. Because the cat eye is, without doubt, the little black dress of make-up: forever flattering, it can be dressed up or dressed down to suit the occasion. Or, perhaps, a more fitting simile would be a wear-with-anything handbag or pair of nude pumps—because, quite simply, a cat eye is the perfect accessory. But perfecting this look is far less expensive than few scraps of (designer) leather, and it’s a life-long skill that’ll outlast even your much-loved Louboutins.* The cat eye accentuates eyes of every colour, shape and size, and adds a little easy, everyday touch of glamour to any outfit.

The cat eye, while versatile, is quintessentially feminine and—dare I say it—sexy. A swipe of liner and a few strokes of mascara are all it takes to maximize your feminine wiles without spending the best part of half an hour shoveling on layers of eyeshadow. That’s the magic of it: Once you’ve perfected the technique, it’s a great go-to look that’ll make you feel pretty and preened with minimal effort. You don’t need a trove of different pallettes and pigments to achieve this make up look: it’s as simple as purchasing a great gel liner (Maybelline’s Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner RRP’s at $9.99 and it’s as good as any you’ll find for a higher price) and topping it off with your favourite mascara. Simples.

Having trouble with your technique? Following a tutorial video is a great way to go. the following video was, hands down, the most thorough and easy to follow of all the tutorials I found on the interwebs. Then practice, practice, practice makes perfect!

That said, of course, there are so many ways to make this look your own. Here are a few of my favourites:

 *I am 100% joking. The Louboutins are a very distant dream for this broke twenty-something.

How To Get The Perfect The Cat Eye Look What do Audrey Hepburn, Bridgitte Bardot and Taylor Swift all have in common? They all mastered (and owned) the art of the perfect cat-eye.

18 Of The Most Awkward Roommate Stories Ever

18 Of The Most Awkward Roommate Stories Ever

College time is near again! With new places come, you guessed it, new roommates. Whether you choose to live with a spouse, a loved one, a pet or are forced to go out and find a stranger for a roommate, sharing your space with other living creatures is really awkward. Everyone has their odd behaviors, ranging from a little off to just plain weird as fuck. This week’s Twenty-Something Tuesday makes…

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Iran Was Too Good At Birth Control And It Backfired

Iran Was Too Good At Birth Control And It Backfired

Last week, Iran’s parliament approved a ban on permanent birth control and birth control advertising. The ban includes vasectomies and similar women’s surgeries, and doctors who carry out these procedures will face arrest. The passage of the bill was covered in the West with the usual tongue-in-cheek style reserved for times when a Middle Eastern country behaves in exactly the way the dominant…

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