8 Truths No One Tells You About Life After College

8 Truths No One Tells You About Life After College

By Madeline Miles

Hangovers exist: Long Island Iced Tea Pitchers until 3 a.m. at your favorite college dive bar could quite possibly handicap you for a solid 36 hours. Gone are the days of waking up unscathed and rehabilitated after a night of drinking, with only a pair of bags under the eyes as a consequence. Now, a few beers at Happy Hour with the work crew leaves you tipsy and a few more beers…

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GAME REVIEW: Wadjet Eye Game’s “Blackwell Epiphany”

Review: “Blackwell Epiphany” by @WadjetEyeGames

Wadjet Eye Game’s “Blackwell Epiphany” is the conclusion to their popular “Blackwell” series, which focuses on the exploits of the women of the Blackwell family and their snarky, incorporeal spirit guide, Joey Mallone, as they guide spirits to move on after death. After interviewing them a few months ago, Literally, Darlingreceived an advance copy of “Blackwell Epiphany” to review. Here are our…

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20 Book Titles Rewritten For The Internet

As a writer on the Internet, trying to title your work so that it will be easily found by Google, fully SEO-optimized, and instantly catch your attention in the 10 seconds people scan headlines is like drowning your soul in a vat of burning oil. Where in print you would name your article something gloriously abstract like, “One Day I’ll Fly Away” about an article on commitment phobia, if you want…

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NEWS: Constitutions, Icebergs, And Birth Control

NEWS: Constitutions, Icebergs, And Birth Control

Thirteen killed in Mount Everest avalanche. The most deadly accident in the mountain’s known history left 13 Sherpas dead and three others injured. Sherpas assist mountain climbers by guiding them through the dangerous terrain and carrying equipment. On Monday fellow Sherpas announced that the government had one week to respond to demands, including increased compensation for victims’ families.…

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A Short Guide To Coffee

A Short Guide To Coffee

Hello, my name is Amy, and I am a barista. It was never my ambition to become a barista and I probably won’t always be a barista. But I have to admit, it’s a pretty handy skill to have acquired—especially for someone who cares for coffee as much as I do. Today I’m here to share my passion for caffeinated hot drinks with you.

Working in a busy coffee shop can be pretty insane. You order, let’s…

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"Fan fiction is a way of the culture repairing the damage done in a system where contemporary myths are owned by corporations instead of by the folk."

— Henry Jenkins (Director of media studies at MIT)

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LD’s Favorite Local Bookstores

Favorite Local Bookstores

Twenty-Something Tuesday

[divider][/divider] Amazon’s great for its ability to stock nearly every book you can imagine, but it rather lacks charm. There’s no musty smell, charming handwritten book recommendations, local authors highlighted, or bookstore cats. It’s not a neighborhood staple, or the place where book lovers can go that everyone knows your name. And as big book aficionados at Literal…

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What #LawSchoolProblems Look Like

@Londongirl3991 talks about #Law School Problems

As my junior year comes to a close, my parents have become increasingly annoying about what I am going to do next. At my 21st birthday brunch on Saturday, the topic changed from what drink I wanted to “What are you going to do after graduation?” Many of us are starting to hear that question more. Too bad my answer means three more years of school and thousands of dollars of debt. Unlike my…

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"Game of Thrones" Latest Deviation Goes A Bit Too Far

“Game of Thrones” Latest Deviation Goes A Bit Too Far

For fans of “Game of Thrones,” there has been a pretty serious divide between readers of the books and fans of the show. Most of the time bickering between the two sides is due to spoilers—having a conversation online about any plot point not already portrayed by the show is met with angry show-watchers, while those who have read the books love to remind us all that the series of epic novels has…

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A Cover Letter From The Bottom Of My Unemployed Heart

A Cover Letter From The Bottom Of My Unemployed Heart

By Shelby Huff

Dear Future Employer (Unless you want shit to hit the fan);

My name is Shelby and I am on the job hunt. (“Aren’t we all,” you ask?) No, I am reallyon the job hunt. I’ve written to no less than 1,000 people and companies. I’ve scoured Craigslist, Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, Idealist—you name it. I have yet to take a single day off in the past four months, for the simple reason that I…

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"Rather than paying attention to the fact that two people are going at each other in the movie, you’re actually focused on how this adds to the emotion, how it will progress the story, narrative, plot, and other creative aspects of film."

PLAYLIST: Electronic Dance Music

PLAYLIST: Electronic Dance Music

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has really expanded in its diversity of influences, sounds, and purpose, within the last decade. Now there are sub-genres such as drum n’ bass, dubstep, dance, trap, electronic disco-funk, hardtek, ambient trance – I could go on. I decided to compile my favorite songs from some of these sub-genres so that you can get a taste of each one, and to find new songs to…

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Travel Guide: Springfield, Illinois

Travel Guide: Springfield, Illinois

When someone asks you what the capital of Illinois is, do you know the answer? Most people would say Chicago, but the sad truth is that they’re wrong. The capital of Illinois is about three and a half hours south of the Windy City and goes by the name of Springfield. The Land of Lincoln is what I call a “big town/small city” because although the population is more than 100,000, it seems as though…

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It has been almost a decade since I was introduced to Xanga, and MySpace soon after. I taught myself to write HTML code to customize my blog design, my bios, my top 8. My parents bought me some sweet photo-editing software (~*~*Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition 2006!*~*~) and an awesome digital camera (~*~*four megapixels*~*~) so I could make sure I had the coolest MySpace photos around. I was 15 years old and carefully crafting what I looked like on the Internet. I was melodramatic, self-absorbed and totally, totally awesome.

about me

My MySpace bio circa 2005 (custom-made and inserted as a .jpg so it would look ~perfect~.

I complain about it now, about how we all feel so pressured to be perfect in what we post online, that we are all so concerned with what we look like to other people that we don’t take time to care about who we really are and how we’re really walking around in the world. But ours is the generation that started it—we picked up Xanga and MySpace and ran with them, spending hours upon hours carefully building our image. Will we ever stop?

Now it’s different. Nobody uses MySpace anymore, except maybe some bands (sorry, Justin Timberlake). But it was like the hydra—we lopped off a head and two more sprung up. Now we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vine, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest. We have to post enough, be clever enough, be pretty enough, be professional enough, be funny enough, be in-the-know enough, be constant enough and be rich enough.

There is a place for filtering (pun intended) what you put online. We live in a world where employers Google applicants and assess them based on what they think is professional. So be professional, sure. But where is the line, if there is one at all?

I recently deleted all my social media (barring LinkedIn) because I just got sick of it.From my Twitter (and, to be honest, my Literally, Darling articles) you would have thought I was a narcissistic writer book-lover SFFH fan Lincolnophile who listens to too much Americana music on Spotify and had a pathological obsession with retweeting @pourmecoffee. From my Facebook and/or Instagram you would have seen a carefully crafted University of Alabama graduate, poised and professional and always smiling, not posting too much (because that’s obnoxious, amirite?) but just enough to remind people that yeah, I’m still here, and yeah, my life is still perfect.

Am I a narcissistic writer book-lover SFFH fan Lincolnophile who listens to too much Americana music on Spotify and has a pathological obsession with retweeting @pourmecoffee? Yes. Machiavellian dictator complex? Sure; I do actually own a well-worn copy of “The Prince.” But that’s an image that I intended people to see. It’s what I put out there for the world. What you don’t know is that—plot twist—I do actually have a heart. Once, after touring my local animal shelter for a story I was writing, I cried in my car for 20 minutes. Not too long ago I bought an elderly man’s groceries because his credit card wasn’t working. I beat myself up when I drive past a hitch-hiker and am too scared or judgmental to give them a ride. I am petrified of disappointing the people who love me and I say I don’t care, but I do. Sometimes I struggle with myself when I look in the mirror, and I get lonely, same as everyone.

You’ll notice I rarely write “in-depth” articles about myself or my feelings. I’m still not OK with the idea of listing my recent “disappointments” (what I consider disappointing, anyway) for the world. I think that’s how I intended this article to end, subconsciously, with some sort of list. But I think that’s an alright thing to do. In theory, I hypocritically encourage it. We have that power, that right, and we have the responsibility to accept (read: not judge) others if they choose honesty over a meticulously prepared Internet presence. Sometimes I think we’ve never taken the time to understand that everything we have to offer is valuable, not just what we think people are most interested in seeing. A decade of social media, tweet after filtered photo after witty comment, and I am still just a caricature of myself. How disappointing.

What We Look Like On The Internet Isn’t The Whole Story It has been almost a decade since I was introduced to Xanga, and MySpace soon after. I taught myself to write HTML code to customize my blog design, my bios, my top 8.

There’s Nothing Guilty About Guilty Pleasures

There’s Nothing Guilty About Guilty Pleasures

When people find out the weird knowledge that I have inside my brain, I often get judged for it. In a university community, spouting your knowledge of the Kardashian and Jenner clan or exclaiming your love for BuzzFeed quizzes is somewhat frowned upon.

I’ve been constantly berated for knowing Lindsay Lohan’s love history, the names of random D-list actors, my love of crappy romance novels and…

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